Kragon Syndicate

Join the Kragon Syndicate at TeslaCon 2024

Hail, Seekers of Adventure and Masters of the Steam-Powered Craft,

TeslaCon, the grand convocation of Steampunk enthusiasts, beckons you to an extraordinary journey through time and imagination. For years, this illustrious event has been the cornerstone of Steampunk immersion, whisking participants away to a realm where steam reigns supreme, and gears and cogs form the heartbeat of a world teeming with wonder and intrigue.

Each annum, TeslaCon invites you to step into a meticulously crafted portion of the Steampunk universe. Here, you shall unravel a mystery that spans the entire weekend, set against the backdrop of Madison, WI – a city transformed into a crucible of innovation and narrative splendor.

This year, the Kragon Syndicate extends a special summons to you, brave souls and cunning minds. Join us at our exclusive Syndicate meeting, a clandestine gathering where the echoes of our steam-driven ambitions will resonate. Together, we shall weave plans, share secrets, and fortify our bonds as we navigate the complexities and delights of TeslaCon.

In this assembly of shadows and steam, you will find camaraderie, intrigue, and the thrill of being part of a narrative larger than life. Your contributions, your bravery, and your wits are crucial to the odyssey that awaits us.

Mark the dates, for the winds of destiny blow favorably towards this grand event. Let us meet where the gears of time interlock, and the steam of adventure rises to greet us.

In Shadows, We Strive; In Steam, We Thrive.

Yours in anticipation of the marvels to come,

The Kragon Syndicate