Kragon Syndicate

Ally Your Vessel with the Kragon Syndicate

Attention all captains of the skies, seas, and lands!

The Kragon Syndicate is issuing a call to all valiant captains and their vessels to unite under our banner. Register your airship, steamship, or land vehicle and become a part of our formidable fleet. Here are the fleets you can join:

  1. The KAOS (Kragon Allies of Ocean & Sky) Fleet: Our aerial and maritime fleet, where airships and steamships glide and sail to uphold freedom across the skies and seas.

  2. The KALM (Kragon Allied Land Machinery) Fleet: The ground fleet, commanding a variety of robust land vehicles engineered for resilience and strategic supremacy.

  3. The KASK (Kragon Allied Space Kraft) Fleet: The celestial fleet, pioneering the frontiers of space with craft designed for the vastness beyond our world.

  4. The KNIT (Kragon Network of Intertemporal Transport) Fleet: Our time fleet, specializing in the exploration and manipulation of temporal realms to navigate the corridors of time.

Choose your fleet and align with the cause of innovation and liberation. Register your vessel today and soar, steam, roll, or traverse through time and space towards a future of unbridled potential. 

In shadow we strive, in steam we thrive… together!

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