Kragon Syndicate

Artemis Flint

EDISoN (Engineers, Designers, Inventors, and Scientists of Note)

Skills & Abilities

Artemis Flint

Member Biography

Artemis Flint is a figure as enigmatic and audacious as the airship she commands. Her early years are composed of tales woven from her adventures on the fringes of society. Raised among sky pirates and renegades, she learned early the art of survival and the intricacies of airship maneuvering. Her rise to captaincy was marked by a notorious incident in which she daringly commandeered a faltering airship during a vicious storm, navigating through tumultuous winds that had spelled doom for many seasoned pilots. Her crew is a diverse assembly of outcasts and adventurers, each member handpicked for their unique skills. Together, they don't just navigate the skies; they weave through the very fabric of political and social currents, often involved in secretive missions that sway the balance of power below.