Kragon Syndicate

Luminary Echo

Captain: Lucian Tyr

Vessel Specifications:


About the Luminary Echo

A leviathan of the skies, the once great Goliath Transporter sat derelict in a distant shipyard destine to rust and wither away until Lucian Tyr happened upon her one day. In search of a mobile research facility that he could take to inventors around the world, Lucian brought the Goliath Transporter back to his factory and with a small team painstakingly rehabilitated the Goliath Transporter.

Rechristened the Luminary Echo, a nod to Lucian's fascination with light & electromagnetism, the once great heavy hauler started life anew as a base of operations and state-of-the-art mobile research & development lab. With the Luminary Echo, Lucian could take his lab where ever collaborators might be, and conduct his research safely away from the prying eyes of NEMESIS.

Offensive Capabilities

Retractable light cannons

Defensive Capabilities

Smoke ejectors and aetheric shockwave emitter

Meet Captain Lucian Tyr

Lucian Tyr_web-use

Lucian Tyr is an inventor with expertise in communication technology and research & development.